Wet Shaving Products Tobacco Mustache Wax

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Size: 1oz

When you absolutely positively need the strongest possible hold... this is the wax you use. It is strong. Formulated to last all day without drooping. Strong enough for even the most intricate styling.

Tobacco Fragrance - It does NOT smell like cigarettes. This is a “green” tobacco scent. It’s a fresh & clean smell. It’s modern & upbeat. It works perfectly as an everyday scent to wear work, the bar, the golf club, etc.

Cured tobacco leaf & flower are the stars of this blend.  Starts with notes of cured tobacco for the base, and adds top notes of bay leaf, and fir to create an intoxicating blend of tobacco and bay leaf. It just smells great; which is why it’s our second most popular scent behind barbershop.

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