Apothecary4men is part of the essence that makes underU4men in downtown Portland Oregon & in Seattle one of the most unique men's specialty stores in North America.  Our fist men's products were selected for the store over a decade ago after our founder spent time in London.  Steven discovered the 4Voo at Harrods Department store, made in Canada, it was created just for men.  He became convinced that the best in men's body-care needed to be explicitly curated for guys not just a package change of a brand for a woman, 4Voo was that brand, the first selected for underU4men.  Today we offer over 500 products including Duke Cannon, Ballsy, Heath and Baxter to fill the 4Voo void, several extensive lines created just for guys.

Over the past decade as our experienced progressed we added an in-store barbershop and curated the best men's products from about the world.  Today, our offerings are tested by our Master Barbers and purchased by thousands of loyal customers. At Apothecary4men we offer the best product for a specific function, you might need an exfoliate and face wash before you shave or maybe an excellent pre-shave oil to match up with the perfect cream one brand complimenting another. Sure, there are a few brands that do a great job across the board; one of our favorites is Baxter. Often you will find that there's that one soap, the deodorant or hair pomade that just has to come from the best in that category, that's why shopping at Apothecary4men will become your favorite, it's not a single brand store, we offer you a choice.

We strive to provide the utmost in customer service.  With over a decade of experience in men's apothecary and the tested in our barbershop you can trust that we are bringing you the best products around.  We have the experience to know how to make your purchase right... we also operate one of the top men's specialty store in North America. If you have a question regarding any of our products, we are merely an email or phone call away.

email: orders@underu4men.com
phone: +1 503-206-5858  (Pacific Time 10am - 6pm))
office:  underU4men | 800 SW Washington St Portland, Oregon 97205