Rockwell Razors Beard Bib

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Born out of a kick-butt Kickstarter campaign, Rockwell introduced their innovative “adjustable” razor in 2014. Since then they have continued to innovate and expand to bring you an exceptional shave. And what is more exceptional than helping homes stay happy by keeping little tiny hairs off the vanity and out of the sink? We think that is quite a feat. Check out Rockwell Beard Bib!

This hair catcher will keep all those pesky hairs from clogging your drains and ruining your relationships. (Ok, it can’t work miracles, but it might help keep some peace.) It looks like a barber’s apron as it attaches around your neck. Then apply the suction cups to a mirror in front of you, and you’ve created an ingenious pouch to catch all your trimmings. When you are finished, simply fold the clippings in to the bib and shake into a trash can. 

The black “bib” is a lifesaver for clean bathrooms. Keep the clippings contained, the counter clean, and courtship conflict-free. All thanks to Rockwell Beard Bib.

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