Pure for Men - Bidet

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Pure for Men is our brand of choice for high-quality wellness products that promote cleanliness, sexual empowerment, and confidence from the inside out. It’s a brand many of our staff use and know for it’s quality and innovation. 

The Pure for Men Bidet is here to help your bum stay clean, so stop wiping with toilet paper like it’s the 90’s. The precise, targeted spray of our bidet helps you stay ready when it matters most. Long gone are the days of endless wiping or excess toilet paper being left behind on your bum when it’s time for playtime—could you imagine? Neither could we.


  • Easy to use: It’s quick and effortless to get ready for playtime—it’s like a pre-shower for your bum. There’s confidence in that.
  • Easy to install: Attaches directly to your toilet under your toilet seat and connects to your toilet's water line.
  • Saves money: Imagine never buying toilet paper again!
  • Eco-friendly: Around 1 pint of water per use is way less paper use over time. 

Pure for Men Bidet is designed with simplicity in mind. You simply sit on the toilet. Slowly turn the control on to determine how strong the water sprays into your bum.

Pure for Men bidet was designed to fit most toilets.

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