Hudson Made Scullery Soap

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Goal: To leave skin smooth and clean, ready to rustle up a meal or indulge in one.

Game Plan: Made from locally harvested ingredients like rose geranium oil, mineral salt, and all natural beeswax of the finest quality, this cleansing soap is perfectly suited for hands and forearms hard at work in the kitchen. Beeswax soap is a harder, longer lasting, tough soap that helps hands resist dryness and irritation caused by frequent washing. Part of the working class culture since the Middle Ages, scullery soap would often appear in the servants’ quarters or kitchen annex as a utilitarian scrubbing bar. Hudson Made’s scullery soap pays homage to the tradition of the homestead and works well on all of your rough spots. It’s a soap for anyone who possesses a multitudinous passion for the kitchen or a hard day’s work—and for whatever those efforts may yield. Handcrafted in the Western Adirondacks.

Made in NYC.

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