Hudson Made Citron Neroli Beard & Shave Soap

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Size: 3.5oz

Goal: For the bearded man and his clean-shaven brother, this multi-purpose disc generates a lather that acts as both a gentle beard shampoo and an exceptional shaving cream with a fresh citrus scent.

Game Plan: Hudson Made Citron Neroli Beard & Shave Soap is blended with organic oils of petitgrain, white grapefruit, neroli and cedar wood. Neroli oil, produced from the delicate blossoms of the bitter orange tree, has been revered for its distinct balance of sweet, spicy and floral notes since the 17th century. Hudson Made’s modern interpretation stimulates the skin and senses for an invigorating shave and is perfect for a reviving and refreshing morning grooming ritual—whether your beard is nurtured or nullified. Handcrafted in the Western Adirondacks.

Made in New York.

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