Pure for Men - Stay Ready Fiber Capsules - 60 count

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Pure for Men is our brand of choice for high-quality wellness products that promote cleanliness, sexual empowerment, and confidence from the inside out. It’s a brand many of our staff use and know for its quality and innovation. Pure for Men body products are made in the USA, using organic and natural ingredients. 

Looking to upgrade your sexual wellness routine?
Add Pure for Men's dietary fiber to your diet to help support healthy digestion, while making prep time quick and easy. Take daily to help remove excess waste so you can bottom with confidence. Ever thought "now's not a good time?" Well we’ve got your back(side). Pure for Men Fiber is the original vegan cleanliness supplement made with a proprietary blend of Chia, Flaxseed, Aloe, and Psyllium husk to promote digestive health so you can have spontaneous fun. Stay ready. 


  • This proprietary blend is designed to reduce common side effects such as bloating, nausea, cramps, and gassiness
  • Has 50% more fiber per capsule than the next leading competitor
  • Easy and quick prep time: Makes your time on the toilet easy, smooth, and clean
  • Helps with hangovers: Fiber "soaks up" excess alcohol
  • Weight management: Taken 30 minutes before meals—it expands in your stomach and provides you with a "full" feeling
  • Protect your heart: Based on studies, soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and both soluble and insoluble fibers help lower the risk of heart disease
  • Made in USA
  • 60 capsules

Take twice daily—2-3 capsules both morning and night.

Vegan, 100% Natural, Proprietary Blend of Digestive Aids: Psyllium Husk, Aloe Vera Extract, Chia Seeds & Flaxseed.

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