Barbasol - T-Blade Pro Trimmer & Detailer

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Brand: Barbasol
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The Barbasol Rechargeable Beard Trimmer features a double sided stainless blade for general grooming and finer detail three-position guide combs for achieving different beard lengths with ease. This Beard Trimmer is reachable, and 8 hours of charging time provides about 60 minutes of shaving time. The guide combs can be taken off the device and washed underwater, making cleaning simple and easy. Enjoy a neat and clean shave with this powerful Beard Trimmer. 


  • 3 Trimmer Settings: The comb attachment can accommodate multiple beard lengths to match how your facial hair appears. These ranges go from 1-3mm
  • Washable Comb Attachment: While the trimmer can’t be washed, the detachable combs can be easily cleaned with water without issue.
  • Cleaning Brush and Oil Included
  • Rechargeable – 8 hours charging time provides about 60 minutes shaving time.


1 T-Blade Pro Trimmer & Detailer, 3 Cutting Guides, Rechargeable USB Power Cord, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil, Guide, 2 Year Warranty, & Instruction Manual

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