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Our English Bridle Straight Razor Strop is a 2-in-1. It features two 3”-wide, 16"-long stropping surfaces. The first is premium poly webbing for preliminary stropping of your straight razor.  The webbing gets the straight razor's edge hot, clean, and ready to sharpen. The second is a 7oz. English bridle leather surface that really draws the straight razor edge inline. We have tried many stropping surfaces, but this particular combination of materials is our favorite for getting Portland Razor Co. straight razors prepped and ready for a close shave.

- Handmade in Portland, OR
- Crafted from 7oz American "English" Bridle Leather
- Leather Strop Treated and Conditioned with Natural Pure Neatsfoot Oil
- Preliminary Strop Crafted from Durable 3” Black Poly Webbing

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