Dovo Ebony Shavette

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Brand: Dovo
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The Dovo Folding Shavette Razor with Ebony Handle and Stainless Steel Blade Holder uses replaceable blades, eliminating the honing and stropping involved with traditional straight razors.

Since it uses replaceable blades it is also well suited for Barber Shop use where hygiene is an important concern.
Blades are held in place by either a Clear or Black plastic insert.

  • Clear or Red Insert Blade-Holder-uses any brand Safety DE razor blade that you snap in half, or use the included DOVO or any other brand of 1/2 blade also sold here separately. 
  • Black (flat) Insert Blade-Holder - Use with the included DOVO Long Shavette Blade (also sold here separately) more like a traditional straight razor.
  • Black (scalloped) Insert Blade-Holder - similar to an open comb style razor, uses the Long Dovo Blade, more aggressive shaving, with more blade reveal.

Made in Germany

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