Masculinity by Intense Pheromone Cologne

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Brand: Intense
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Size: 50ml / 1.67oz
Masculinity by N10Z (Intense) Cologne is the bold and sexy fragrance that combines sophistication with self-assurance. Erotic, sensual and distinctively masculine, this refined composition of exotic spices, aromatic herbs and crisp citrus opens with French basil, West Indian clove, Asian mandarin and Sicilian bergamot. From there, the rich scents of amber, cedarwood, black pepper and leather emerge. Its subtle yet full-bodied base of Italian white musk, Australian sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla are infused with the exclusive N10Z (Intense) male pheromone known to enhance attraction and confidence. This worldly combination uniquely expresses the power, strength, and fortitude of a truly International man.
2 fl/oz.

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